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Design Consultation
Our success comes from a timeless concept. We take the time to get to know our clients, starting with our first meeting and continuing through to the delivery of your finished portrait creations. The design consultation is to communicate about what styles, subjects, and ideas a client has. Our web site has allowed potential clients to see what we have done in the past and the variety of art we offer.

Communication is very important. We need to be on the same page with each client. For example, if a client wants a contemporary images of their family and we dress their 3 year old daughter in a Victorian dress and have a tea party in the garden, then never include the parents in any images, we have failed that client. Communication is the foundation from which we work.

Creation Fees
Creation fees cover the cost of time, equipment, and talent. They range from $35 to $80 for a studio session, to $125 for a session conducted on location. Additional locations available by quote.

Portrait Session
Our policy is to focus on one client at a time. Our portrait sessions normally last about one hour. Sometimes it will be less, sometimes slightly longer, particularly with large family groups. Our portrait sessions will include a variety of looks which may be indoors and out doors. They may be formal or informal. These decisions are made during the design consultation. Please contact our studio should you have any last minute questions or concerns. We take 16–60 images during a normal session. However, during editing we narrow that down to 12–40 of the best for you to view.

We never overlap or double book a photo session. The hour you have scheduled is exclusively yours. If you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early we can get acquainted with your children, and help you get ready for the session. If you are 15 minutes late, your session will only be 45 minutes. Make the most of this time you have. Our job is not only to photograph you and your child but to provide a private, relaxed, and fun atmosphere which allows the wonderful relationship you have to express itself.

Projection Appointment
One to two weeks following your portrait session, your images will be ready for viewing. You will see the results of your portrait session as projected images in a large format, enabling you to see full detail of each image. We do not use paper proofs. By projecting your images, you see the image in life size as you decide the correct size for the location you intend to display your portraits.

Throughout the presentation we will provide you with the guidance and information you will need to make your choices. Allow about ½ to 1 hour for the projection presentation. We love children but you may want to leave them at home when you come in for your viewing.

Before you see the results of the portrait session, we will prepare the images in a slide show for you to enjoy. Some of your images will be edited, some will be converted to black and white to show you the difference in the look. Any of your images can be printed as color or black and white.

Online Viewing
After your projection appointment, your images will be available for online viewing to aid in your decision making process. You will be given a password to share with any friends or family you want to view your portraits.

This feature is for viewing only. You will not be able to order online.

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