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It can be conservative white on white with your tummy showing. It can be dark and dramatic. It can be naked with netting to cover your privates. It can be naked with your hands covering your privates. It can be with your other children and your husband. There are many extremes. It is best to see samples on our web site for this special portrait.

Sleeveless tops and tight short skirts are bad. Do not overdo your makeup. If you are still not sure about what to bring, bring it all and we’ll pick.

Our policy is to focus on one client at a time. We never overlap or double book a photo session. The hour you have scheduled is exclusively yours. If you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early, our assistants can get acquainted with your children, and help you get ready for the session. If you are 15 minutes late, your session will only be 45 minutes. Make the most of the time you have.

Again, keep it simple. For the pure look, white turtle neck or v–neck, white or khaki pants. White or pastel night gown with sleeves or a matching robe. For a very emotional look, black or dark turtle neck or v–neck, black or very dark pants. Skin on skin close ups are very intimate. No privates show, but mom is nude from the waist up.

Of course, we prefer to photograph babies as they are—natural and naked. We use materials and netting to hide privates, but what better way to capture their miraculous little features like toes and fingers, or their fat little bellies and legs. If your child is walking and running we are probably past the naked baby stage.

For the images with clothing, keep in mind the idea is to capture your child’s personality, character, mood, and wonderful features. Clothing should be comfortable and fit well. Try it on them to make sure it fits and looks good. Bare feet are best, however, some clothing choices do look better with shoes.

For newborns, we recommend that you wait until you get to the studio to feed them if possible. Asleep is GREAT! Parents may wish to wear or bring light clothing for this session. We keep the studio at about 90 degrees when photographing infants. The mood is quiet with soft music or recorded sounds of a mothers heartbeat. When baby is happy…We are ALL happy. :)

Solid colors or very small print is good. Contrasting colors and loud prints are bad. Texture is good. Blending colors are good. For girls, long flowing lace is good. Hats are good. Personal props are good (small stuffed animals, personal blankets, etc.). Personal items from mom or dad are good. We want to focus on people and not clothing or backgrounds. Avoid dating your portraits by using outfits with cartoon characters on the material.

Parents should bring a long sleeve solid black shirt as well as a white or ivory shirt. Parents are often used as props in our infant sessions.

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