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A graduate of SIU, with a major in microbiology and double minors in Chemistry and art, I ended up with a career in photography. After winning several awards, my hobby for twenty years became a full time job in 2001.

The ever changing field of technology makes continuing education one of the most important aspects of this job. Delivering the best requires me to attend several schools a year that are taught by the most talented and knowledgeable photographers in the world. Photography, to me, is much more than simply taking pictures. It is a combination of client desires and art.

Now that all of the tedious info has been delivered, I will sum up my personal life in short order. ( No height pun intended.)

I have four daughters. I recently remarried after being single for thirteen years. My husband has three children. Together we have six girls and a boy. Two are married. One grandson. Three in college. Two still at home… I live in a blender. The end.

How was that for a swift summation???  :)




My youngest daughter has been working with me for almost 5 years. Currently in her second year at Vanderbilt University, Devany helps with sessions when she is on break and also retouches and prepares files while away at school. Between Melissa (daughter number two) and I, she has been well trained in the wizardry of Photoshop.

Devany plans to get her Masters in Mechanical Engineering and then rule the world.




Our studio dog, Crumb, is still in training. This was her Halloween outfit last year.  She is almost 3 years old and assists me with sessions and meeting clients. We are working on people skills. Like calmness when greeting clients. I make sure to get a photo of her with each visitor. She likes to put them in her scrapbook. Not really. She doesn’t know anything about scrapbooks.

She will chase a ball until the person throwing the ball loses an arm to exhaustion.  Sometimes her bottom teeth stick out and she looks like a Gremlin. She can hear the treat bag rattle from down the street during a tornado, but she couldn’t smell a roast beef sandwich if it was in her bed with her. I think her nose must be damaged from being all smashed into her face.

We like her anyway. She’s weird and funny. Like us.



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